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On Nov 2, 2013, at 3:27 PM, Adrian Chadd <> wrote:

A lot of HTTP infrastructure lives on anycast DNS, HTTP redirects and
geoip records. Saying it's broken and not feasible is nonsense.

More specifically what I was referring to was the fact that traditionally HTTP 
failover with round-robin A records is very unreliable; every client can act 
differently. You really need to be doing anycast as well to ensure those 
records are always available which adds additional architecture complexity that 
the project may not have the resources to throw at. GeoDNS also adds a layer of 
complexity, but as it turns out there are members of the project with extensive 
experience running it. SRV would give us very simple, cheap, reliable failover. 
It seems we do have some blockers, though.

The good news is that we fully control the client. Hopefully we can just work 
around these issues.


I like green better than purple!

Everybody is just rationalizing their positions with great sophistication.

I think the new behavior is a POLA violation. I was pretty annoyed when i could not browse the given URL.

And this will probably result in lots of wasted time for admins, becuase we are doing it differently from everybody else.

Everybody else is doing pretty fine with the status quo. There should be a better reason than the listed to "roll our own". - With this threshold, we could also start to replace (smtp, http, dns, pam, posix ....). [*cough* systemd]

I am not a FreeBSD developer, so see it as the opinion of a non-paying consumer 

Thanks for pkg-ng, its awesome so far!
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