On 10 Nov 2013, at 10:48, Adrian Chadd <adr...@freebsd.org> wrote:
>> ie either the file is named such that it is ignored by cron (preferable IMO) 
>> or the entries in them are commented out.
> I want the opposite.
> I'm kinda fed up installing packages that don't enable themselves.
> 'pkg install xorg' is not enough to get a working xorg. You have to
> enable hal and dbus and then restart (so things come up in the right
> order; manually starting them doesn't work) in order to get X working.

I agree that is a pain in the arse, however it IS existing policy.

I don't think changing it here is right - if the policy is to change it should 
be changed everywhere.

> If people are really worried about this, then I suggest a couple of
> package options for this stuff:
> * whether to default enable the package or not;
> * whether to default enable the cron scripts or not.
> Please install the cron scripts by default. Please then write up a
> simple rc.conf style setup where the cron scripts can check a config
> file to see if they should run. I don't want to have to freaking
> delete, rename, etc cron.d files. I just want the package files to be
> almost-untouched and have an option of working out of the box.
> Please, please allow an option to make this crap work out of the box already.

A rc.conf script sounds good to me.

That still won't get you want you want though because the port/pkg install 
wouldn't touch it? (would it?)

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