On 11/11/13 15:19, Teske, Devin wrote:
Topic: Lenovo Laptops and bsdinstall zfsboot with MBR layout...

Should we do the quick patch to change the default
from /boot/boot0 to /boot/mbr:

Index: zfsboot
--- zfsboot     (revision 258016)
+++ zfsboot     (working copy)
@@ -764,7 +764,7 @@ zfs_create_diskpart()
                 f_eval_catch $funcname gpart "$GPART_CREATE" mbr \$disk ||
                              return $FAILURE
-               f_eval_catch $funcname gpart "$GPART_BOOTCODE" /boot/boot0 \
+               f_eval_catch $funcname gpart "$GPART_BOOTCODE" /boot/mbr \
                              \$disk || return $FAILURE


That would fix things for Lenovo laptops for the next
release until I finish up the bootcode selection menu.
I'd like to take my time in making sure Allan and I design
a worthy bootcode selection menu.

This patch looks good (I don't remember why it was boot0 in the first place). I think gpart automatically installs something like /boot/mbr by default, so I'd be interested to know if making the diff purely negative still works.

On another note, I think we should move away from a selector. Right now, we have three kinds of boot code:
1. ZFS boot code
2. UFS boot code
3. boot0

Unifying 1 and 2 would help a lot -- I don't know of any reason we need both except for tradition. #3 is probably best done as a post-install config step ("Install FreeBSD boot manager" or something), which also means it works for UFS systems.
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