On Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 03:39:06PM -0800, Xin Li wrote:
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> On 11/11/13 14:29, Neel Chauhan wrote:
> > Sorry if I sent a similar patch before. It didn't get accepted so I
> > am sending one now. Enjoy.
> What does "didn't get accepted" mean? :)  Since this looks like a
> PCI-ID only change that do not affect other existing hardware, if it's
> not an explicit objection from a reviewer, I think it's Okay to just
> go ahead and commit the change after a reasonable timeout instead of
> waiting indefinitely.

I very much doubt that this patch works. More, I believe that it was
not tested at all. Talking about the trivially obvious things, the PGTT
handling must be updated since page tables have different format comparing
with Ivy, there are some changes to ring dispatching, and lot of
changes in the display pipeline. All this is missing from the patch.

Oh, and the Series 8 chipset PCH detection is missing.  I probably
should stop now.

HSW support is much more than just adding the Ids, I am (slowly) starting
the work on importing the Linux updates.

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