On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 11:31 AM, Marcus von Appen <m...@freebsd.org> wrote:
> This brings up another point into which I am running with the previously
> discussed blender issue.
> Let's assume port A_defcompiler does not specify a compiler and c++ lib, it
> will default to libc++ and clang++ on 10.x or newer, correct?
> If now a port B_gnuish depends on port A_defcompiler, but at the same
> defines
> GCC + libstdc++, the resulting binary might link against libc++ and
> libstdc++
> at the same time. This in turn makes the port unusable. The same applies
> to the other way around.
> Right now we do not have mechanism to detect and handle those flaws.
> Maintainers
> might be even less aware of those issues. Does anyone know a proper way to
> deal
> with this at the moment on 10.x+ or is this something that was missed until
> now?

How different is this from the previous situation?  As I understand it
previously A_defcompiler would be linked against the system libstdc++
and B_gnuish would be linked against the gccXX port libstdc++.  In my
experience libstdc++ does not have good ABI stability between versions
so shouldn't you have the same potential for problems?
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