cc'ing glebius since he committed r257694 ("Remove remnants of BIND from
/etc, since there is no BIND in base now.") which removed remnants of BIND
from /etc but not from /usr/src/etc.

Can we please remove bind9 references from etc/mtree/BSD.usr.dist ?
/usr/share/doc/bind9, /usr/share/doc/bind9/arm and
/usr/share/doc/bind9/misc are constantly re-created during a "make
installworld" or "make hierarchy" and are then removed by "make
delete-old". I'm using stable/10 right now, where r257694 has been MFCed as

# cd /usr/src
# mkdir /tmp/test
# make hierarchy DESTDIR=/tmp/test
# make check-old DESTDIR=/tmp/test
>>> Checking for old files
>>> Checking for old libraries
>>> Checking for old directories
To remove old files and directories run 'make delete-old'.
To remove old libraries run 'make delete-old-libs'.

Thanks !

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