On 2013-11-14 12:48, Phillip Kinsley wrote:
> I installed Beta1 using the ZFS option, all default settings. I sync the
> source the other day and did a buildworld and buildkernel. When I do
> installkernel I get
> mkdir -p /boot/kernel
> mkdir: /boot: No such file or directory
> and the install stops. With another box that used a standard UFS
> installation I have no problem.
> I'm sure the ZFS installkernel is know issue, but I can't seem to find if
> there is a solution or not.
> Is there a work around or not?
> Thanks
> Phillip
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What do you mean 'the zfs option'? You mean you used the ZFS
installation option in bsdinstall?

That is a known issue that was fixed in later versions, here are the
instructions to fix it:


    o Updates to bsdinstall(8).  Please note the following:
        - 10.0-BETA1 introduces a number of updates to bsdinstall(8),
          notably the ability to install to a full ZFS filesystem.
          Please keep in mind that this is an experimental feature.
        - If using the ZFS installation option in *and* have enabled
          full-disk encryption is enabled, a few entries will need to be
          manually added to loader.conf(5) before the 'bootpool' zpool
          will be available after the system boots.  This manual step
          is expected to be fixed in 10.0-BETA2.

          The entries that need to be added are:


          This can be done at the final menu of bsdinstall(8), when
          prompted to boot into the newly-installed system;
          alternatively, this can be done post-install, in which case,
          the following must be run before appending loader.conf(5):

            # zpool import -f bootpool

Allan Jude

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