I think I am having almost the same issue as was reported here:

        I would have thought something that old would have been patched by
this point, but perhaps not? It looks like when the Amanda process is
running on the server and doing the Dump phase, it hangs during when the
snapshot is being created (mksnap_ffs) for about 20 mins. The box is
pingable, but most services stop responding during that time. Then after
that 20 mins or so, it clears up and the dump continues on and finishes
successfully. I have 9 servers that are backed up with Amanda, and this is
the only one giving me this issue. It is the only one running FreeBSD 9.1 as
well as the only one with one partition instead of separate partitions for
the various directories (/usr, /var /home etc). 

Disk size:

Filesystem    Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/da0p2    3.5T    133G    3.1T     4%    /

Any one having similar issues or know of a fix?


Matt Rauch

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