On Thu, 14 Nov 2013 11:38:46 +0100 Tijl Coosemans wrote:
> On Wed, 13 Nov 2013 21:29:23 +0100 Jean-Sébastien Pédron wrote:
>> Le 10/11/2013 18:20, d...@gmx.com a écrit :
>>> drmn0: info: GTT: 0M 0xF0000000 - 0xEFFFFFFF
>> Tijl Coosemans is right, the problem is this line.
>> As I don't really now how AGP works and have no AGP hardware to 
>> reproduce the problem, can you post the output of the following commands 
>> as a start?
>>      pciconf -lvbce
>>      devinfo -vr
> The attached patch should fix it, but I haven't been able to test it
> yet.  The ai_aperture_size field is in bytes.

So it doesn't work, but it gets a bit further:

drmn0: info: GTT: 256M 0xE0000000 - 0xEFFFFFFF
info: [drm] Generation 2 PCI interface, using max accessible memory
drmn0: info: VRAM: 128M 0x00000000D0000000 - 0x00000000D7FFFFFF (64M used)
info: [drm] Supports vblank timestamp caching Rev 1 (10.10.2010).
info: [drm] Driver supports precise vblank timestamp query.
info: [drm] radeon: irq initialized.
info: [drm] Detected VRAM RAM=128M, BAR=128M
info: [drm] RAM width 128bits DDR
[TTM] Zone  kernel: Available graphics memory: 519536 kiB
[TTM] Initializing pool allocator
info: [drm] radeon: 64M of VRAM memory ready
info: [drm] radeon: 256M of GTT memory ready.
info: [drm] radeon: 1 quad pipes, 1 Z pipes initialized.
error: [drm:pid54242:radeon_gart_bind] *ERROR* trying to bind memory to 
uninitialized GART !
error: [drm:pid54242:radeon_ttm_backend_bind] *ERROR* failed to bind 1 pages at 
drmn0: warning: (-22) create WB bo failed
drmn0: error: Disabling GPU acceleration
info: [drm] radeon: cp finalized
info: [drm] radeon: cp finalized
[TTM] Finalizing pool allocator
[TTM] Zone  kernel: Used memory at exit: 0 kiB
info: [drm] radeon: ttm finalized
info: [drm] Forcing AGP to PCI mode

It looks like some support for AGP is missing in radeon_ttm.c.  It's
hidden behind #ifdef DUMBBELL_WIP.
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