Adrian Chadd wrote, On 11/10/2013 01:18:
I'm kinda fed up installing packages that don't enable themselves.

There should be no package that needs activation, that is if you want a desktop 
computer, not a server.

'pkg install xorg' is not enough to get a working xorg. You have to
enable hal and dbus and then restart (so things come up in the right
order; manually starting them doesn't work) in order to get X working.

I use:

Please install the cron scripts by default. Please then write up a
simple rc.conf style setup where the cron scripts can check a config
file to see if they should run.

Provided that there will be
- an option for every instance of a port wanting to install a cron.d script -- 
ie., port options plus a settable NO_CROND_SCRIPTS -- and
- a fail-safe mechanism to disable all cron.d entries, ie. crond_enable="NO",
I feel that installed scripts could be an option.

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