On Tue November 19 2013 23:01:37 Mark Robert Vaughan Murray wrote:
> > rand_harvestq
> Take a look at random(4) - sysctls to turn off harvesting are documented
> there.

Thanks! Turning off software interrupt collection brings the cpu usage next to 

> That is quite a busy harvestq - could you please give me some more details
> of what that box is and what it was doing at the time (numbers would be
> good!)

The box is a home firewall with pf/altq. HZ=1000, despite poor hardware. It's 
alix2c3. Uses polling and a long, bloated pf.conf. Also, scrubs packets a bit.

I'd be glad to attach more detail, but what do you ask for? Also, can text 
attachments be put here? For posterity's sake, better not to link to them.


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