from Glen Barber and my previous message:

> Software crashes because of incorrect/missing character encodings are
> one symptom in particular.

> > Release engineering estimated dates ought to be updated on the website.
> Once -BETA4 is out, the remaining dates will be updated accordingly.
> I do not want to update the schedule page for the -RCs and -RELEASE
> until somewhat confident they can be met.

> > Better to wait for a solid 10.0-RELEASE than rush to a buggy release.

> > I am also concerned about the bug in re(4) driver.

> Is it fixed in head/?

> Glen

re(4) driver bug seems to have not been fixed in head.

Since I last tried, there has been no further update as of about two days ago.

I use subversion built from pkgsrc on a USB-stick installation of 
NetBSD-current amd64, and then check relevant dates for re(4)-related files.

NetBSD-current source tree and pkgsrc tree are in separate directories on the 
FreeBSD-current amd64 partition.

Having directories /netbsd-HEAD and /pkgsrc apparently does not bother FreeBSD. 

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