On 22 Nov 2013, at 04:23, Adrian Chadd <adr...@freebsd.org> wrote:
> I just updated a laptop from a month old -HEAD to the latest -HEAD.
> Things .. didn't work.
> * No processes ran - they'd complain about being out of anonymous memory
> * /rescue/sh works fine, but /rescue/dhclient seems to be doing the
> wrong thing with regards to which dhclient-script it calls
> * .. and /rescue/dhclient-script also references things in /, which
> doesn't work. Grr.
> Anyway:
> * copying over a replacement ld.so from an i386 image from the 11th
> restored basic binaries, but things like fsck would randomly crap out
> * copying over the conents of /lib let things get further, but ssh
> died (jemalloc arena complaints, so I'm guessing maybe there's
> something odd going on here..)
> * copying over the contents of /usr/lib didn't improve things;
> * copying over the contents of /usr/lib/private fixed things enough to
> get ssh up so I can svn update to an earlier version.
> I'm currently rebuilding r258446 (one before the first weak reference
> change) to make sure that this userland is stable. If it works out,
> I'll try subsequent versions.

I think the fix for llvm PR 15086 (done in r258455) is causing these
problems, since upstream apparently reported miscompilations with it
(which I haven't seen, but maybe I was just lucky).  I will revert that
tonight after $WORK, but if you can test reverting it locally, please


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