I just updated a laptop from a month old -HEAD to the latest -HEAD.
Things .. didn't work.

* No processes ran - they'd complain about being out of anonymous memory
* /rescue/sh works fine, but /rescue/dhclient seems to be doing the
wrong thing with regards to which dhclient-script it calls
* .. and /rescue/dhclient-script also references things in /, which
doesn't work. Grr.


* copying over a replacement ld.so from an i386 image from the 11th
restored basic binaries, but things like fsck would randomly crap out
* copying over the conents of /lib let things get further, but ssh
died (jemalloc arena complaints, so I'm guessing maybe there's
something odd going on here..)
* copying over the contents of /usr/lib didn't improve things;
* copying over the contents of /usr/lib/private fixed things enough to
get ssh up so I can svn update to an earlier version.

I'm currently rebuilding r258446 (one before the first weak reference
change) to make sure that this userland is stable. If it works out,
I'll try subsequent versions.

Just be careful. :-0

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