At 05:23 PM 11/24/2013, Glen Barber wrote:
>On Sun, Nov 24, 2013 at 08:19:49PM -0500, Glen Barber wrote:
>> I think WITHOUT_DYNAMICROOT=1 has nothing to do with this.  I worked
>> around it by setting WITHOUT_NLS_CATALOGS=1 (see src.conf(5)).
>I'm sorry, I misread a part of your email.
>I'll rebuild without WITHOUT_NLS_CATALOGS=1 and your LADD fix.  If this
>fixes the problem (and passes 'make universe') will commit your fix.

Sounds good.
adding -lc_nonshared to LAAD enables me to build /bin and /sbin statically
/bin/csh/Makefile was the only one I had to change all the rest of /bin and 
/sbin built fine

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