The problem with using int or u_int for 1 or 2 byte values is that while 
printing these 1 or 2 byte values I observed that sysctl module is considering 
4 bytes. Hence I see an undesired output. It is actually considering the next 
two bytes also as the value.


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On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 3:35 AM, Venkata Duvvuru 
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I'm unable to figure out how to add an unsigned short or an unsigned char 
values to a sysctl node.
SYSCTL_ADD_INT, SYSCTL_ADD_UINT, etc., are present but to add a char or a short 
values I couldn't find any macros.

Could you please let me know how to add them?

FreeBSD does not have any sysctl handlers for 1 or 2 byte values.  FreeBSD code 
that wants to do this has used int or u_int instead of a smaller type.

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