On Wednesday, November 27, 2013 11:21:58 AM Andriy Gapon wrote:
> When building ports on head I sometimes see messages like the 
> during a patch phase:
> ===>  Applying FreeBSD patches for firefox-25.0_1,1
> No such line 262 in input file, ignoring
> ===>  Applying NSS patches
> No such line 194 in input file, ignoring
> No such line 658 in input file, ignoring
> No such line 52 in input file, ignoring
> No such line 45 in input file, ignoring
> Is this a cause for concern?
> Do those messages mean that potentially important patches are not 
> applied?

Well.. If it compiles, then no, those patches were probably not 
important.  Security fixes are usually done upstream by the vendor.

Honestly, it appears that someone left old patch files, and those 
patches may no longer be needed for firefox to compile on FreeBSD.

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