Bezüglich Julian Elischer's Nachricht vom 27.11.2013 16:20 (localtime):
> On 11/27/13, 8:03 PM, Harald Schmalzbauer wrote:
>>   Hello,
>> ever since I took a FreeBSD machine into production, acting as any kind
>> of file server, I have to work arround the problem, that write access to
>> a directory implies unlinking (deleting) directory contents.
> not sure I fully understand what you mean by that..
> Do you mean write access implies delete access? yes..
> This can be modified with the nounlink flag.

The uunlink flags also prohibits the owner to delete his files as far as
I know. I want to prohibt users from deleting “foreign” files, even if
the user has write access to the parent directory (and I wanted to
explain that I don't understand why anybody would want that a user with
write access to a directory can delete files on which the user doesn't
have write access).
The sticky bit exactly does what I need (and should be the default
behaviour in my opinion).
But my problem is that the stick bit must be added to each single
directory after creation, it's not inherited.
I'd need every child directory of directories, who have the sticky bit
set, also to have the sticky bit. The same behaviour as with the gid –
it's the same as the parent has for new directories.



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