>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Watson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Robert> Not sure if this should go to -current or -stable, since we
Robert> seem to get a lot of instant MFC's these days :-).  I upgraded
Robert> a notebook from 4.0-RELEASE to -STABLE last night.  After
Robert> doing so, I noticed that the middle mouse button emulation in
Robert> moused seems to be fairly broken -- i.e., once it's enabled, I
Robert> can no longer drag with the left mouse button (although I can
Robert> with the emulated middle button).  If I turn off emulation,
Robert> the left and right buttons drag normally, but now I can no
Robert> longer paste in X :-).

This has been fixed in both -STABLE and -CURRENT a week ago. The left
button is working, the timeout is just to long. Read moused manpage
and set the timeout to 200ms as a workaround (this is the default
according to the manpage, but not according to the code in

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