On 29/11/2013 02:02, Nilton Jose Rizzo wrote:
>      in the near past, when I update ports repository via svn, I always use
>  pkg2ng to upgrade (or update?) the database, but today I can not do it.

Uh?  pkg2ng is a one time thing.  Its only use is when converting a
system that had previously used pkg_tools to pkg(8).  That happens once,
and after that, you never need it again.

>      The command pkg2ng show this error message:
> root@valfenda:/home2/rizzo # pkg2ng
> pkg: PACKAGESITE in pkg.conf is deprecated. Please create a repository
> configuration file
> Converting packages from /var/db/pkg
> pkg: PACKAGESITE in pkg.conf is deprecated. Please create a repository
> configuration file
> pkg: fstat() failed for(/usr/local/etc/cups/cupsd.conf.N): No such file or
> directory

This is not pkg2ng specific, but comes from the underlying calls to
various pkg(8) actions.

As it says, the format of pkg.conf has changed with this update, and it
is instructing you on how to modify your pkg.conf so it conforms to the
new norms.  See pkg.conf(5) for details on creating a repository
configuration file.

The fstat() message is a different thing again -- looks like one of the
files owned by the cups port has been deleted.  You can fix that by
forcing a reinstall of that package, but it's pretty innocuous really.

> but when I search in /usr/ports/UPDATING I can not found anything about this
> and no man pages about pkg2ng 

A lot of people seem confused and/or alarmed by this update.  Yes, there
have been a number of problems reported, which are being dealt with.
Whether this warrants an entry in UPDATING I don't know, but the general
tenor of any such entry would be "modify your configuration files as
shown in the output of pkg(8)."

No, there isn't a man page for pkg2ng.  It was never thought necessary.
 However, if anyone wants to contribute a page for pkg2ng I'm sure it
would be gratefully received.



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