all right ... things take longer then we expect them to take.

the kernel (everything cvsup'd on saturday) boot fine and the array
controller is detected just perfect. also fdisk'ing, disklabel'ing and
newfs'ing the drive was no problem. i copied almost the whole current source
tree on the drive ... no problem. even a simulated diskfail was no problem.
but it looks like the driver is taking much system time. while coping the
files a hat a system load of almost 40%, irq and user was much less.

i then i ran into bog trouble. it seems that the something the the network
drivers is broken ... but that has propably not much to do with the ida
driver ...

Eines schoenen Tages schrieb Viren R.Shah:
>  >> mainboard0: <CPQ1519 (System Board) on eisa0 slot 0>
>  >> eisa0: unknown card CPQ6101 (0x0e116101) at slot 5
>  >> ida0: <Compaq SMART array controller> at 0x6000-0x60ff, 0x6c88-0x6c9e
>  >> ida0: irq 15 (level) on eisa0 slot 6
>  >> ida0: drives=1 firm_rev=1.66
                              ^^^^ i am running 2.26 on that board. maybe
you should upgrade

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