> I have a machine which isn't doing much right now, so I have decided
> to set it up as an automatic "FreeBSD Build checker".

Welcome to the current.freebsd.org game. :)

> Once per day the machine cvsups, checks out a virgin source tree,
> tries to build GENERIC, GENERIC98, LINT and world.   If any of these
> builds fail it will send a report like this.
> On Sundays the report will always be sent.
> Once I have this tested a bit more, I will start mailing the the
> reports directly to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

And now we get into a slightly twitchy area...  These error messages
can be quite long and annoying, far too detailed for the likes of the
-current mailing list, which is why I've been sending them only to an
opt-in alias called "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" which sends a
success/failure summary like yours and include the last 100 lines of
failure output for debugging.  It also does this for both the RELENG_4
branch and -current.

That said, I've also done a singularly bad job of actually letting
people know that build-reports even exists so I wouldn't expect you or
anyone else (except maybe Bill Paul) to have known about it.  It's
just an alias on hub.freebsd.org right now and not a real
majordomo-managed mailing list, so I wasn't inclined to take on the
workload of managing the alias.  It does at least log its results to
the build-reports mail archive so anyone looking in /home/mail/build-reports
on hub can also spy on the current status of both active branches.

If there's a real interest in this, then this should obviously be created
as a real mailing list and probably split into build-reports-stable and
build-reports-current for people who only want one or the other.

- Jordan

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