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>That said, I've also done a singularly bad job of actually letting
>people know that build-reports even exists so I wouldn't expect you or
>anyone else (except maybe Bill Paul) to have known about it.  It's
>just an alias on right now and not a real
>majordomo-managed mailing list, so I wasn't inclined to take on the
>workload of managing the alias.  It does at least log its results to
>the build-reports mail archive so anyone looking in /home/mail/build-reports
>on hub can also spy on the current status of both active branches.

But does this also check the kernels ?  It was my understanding that
it only did world/release ?

As for the lists being tedious and long: I've sorted the content by
relevance, and it was my hope that over time they would shrink to
zero if we annoyed people enough with them.

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