from Glen Barber (excerpt):

> Changes between -BETA3 and -BETA4 include:

    - Add preliminary support for RTL8106E, RTL8168G, RTL8168GU,
      RTL8411B, and RTL8168EP.
    - Enable fingerprint checking in pkg(8) for FreeBSD-provided binary
    - Remove the WITH_LIBICONV_COMPAT build option.
    - Update nvi to 2.1.2.
    - Various iconv(3) fixes.
    - Fix mergemaster -U by forcing FreeBSD 9 compatiblity in mtree when
      mtree is nmtree.
    - Fix to freebsd-update(8) in generating the list of old
      files/directories versus new files/directories

Would preliminary support for RTL8106E, RTL8168G etc be the re(4) driver?

Would these changes be already in HEAD, so if it doesn't work in HEAD on my 
system, it won't work in 10.0-BETA4?

I believe nvi has no -V or --version switch that tells the version without 
doing anything else (I looked and tried).

I noticed NetBSD-current had upgraded nvi but find it very difficult to find 
latest versions online.

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