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> ... 
> So far, the options could be as follows:
> - realloc_flags(p, s, option)
>   where option is one or a combination (where appropriate) of:
>   REALLOCF_ANY                - default (move or no-move; regular
>                                 realloc())

Actually, the REALLOCF_ANY flag is not needed to be able to call default
behavior, like in realloc_flags(p, s).

>   REALLOCF_NO_MOVE            - no-move
>   REALLOCF_ELASTIC            - combined with REALLOCF_NO_MOVE
>   REALLOCF_FORCE              - combined with REALLOCF_NO_MOVE
>   REALLOCF_FALLBACK_ANY       - combined with REALLOCF_NO_MOVE or its 
>                                 derivatives like REALLOCF_ELASTIC, etc

So, the REALLOCF_FALLBACK_ANY could be just renamed to REALLOCF_DEFAULT.
This way we reduced the number of option tags to four :-)

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