On Wed, Dec 04, 2013 at 11:01:30AM -0500, Kurt Lidl wrote:
> I installed a sparc V120 (4GB memory, dual 72GB disks) with the 10-beta4
> install image today.
> Installation went fine.  I rebooted the machine, and then went to get
> a fresh ports tree, and the machine panic'd:
> root@host:/usr/ports # portsnap fetch
> Looking up portsnap.FreeBSD.org mirrors... 7 mirrors found.
> Fetching public key from your-org.portsnap.freebsd.org... done.
> Fetching snapshot tag from your-org.portsnap.freebsd.org... done.
> Fetching snapshot metadata... done.
> Fetching snapshot generated at Tue Dec  3 19:06:18 EST 2013:
> 43b6803c6d94efd5b2e2bc9df0b66a84b75417fa3c1728100% of   69 MB 3225 kBps 
> 00m22s
> Extracting snapshot... done.
> Verifying snapshot integrity... panic: trap: illegal instruction (kernel)
> cpuid = 0
> KDB: stack backtrace:
> #0 0xc08836d4 at trap+0x554
> Uptime: 6m59s
> Dumping 4096 MB (4 chunks)
>    chunk at 0: 1073741824 bytes ... ok
>    chunk at 0x40000000: 1073741824 bytes ... ok
>    chunk at 0x80000000: 1073741824 bytes ... ok
>    chunk at 0xc0000000: 1073741824 bytes ... ok
> Dump complete
> Automatic reboot in 15 seconds - press a key on the console to abort
> Rebooting...
> And then it panic'd again when attempting to run 'savecore'!
> (I typed a <ctrl-t> after it printed out the line about
> writing the core file, that's where the "load: 0.72 ..." line
> came from...)

Hrm, I don't seem to be able to reproduce this with an installation
built from sources and also can't remember a commit between BETA3 and
BETA4 which should be able to cause this. I currently can't test the
10-BETA4 install image, though. Was the machine in question running
FreeBSD before, i. e. is it known good hardware? Did savecore eventually
succeed on writing out a dump?


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