ok, now I'm at r259128 (both world and kernel), and ports at r335849
all rebuilt from scratch, the issue's gone away. Right before rebuild,
it was the window manager (I would guess) that must be freeezing (no
mouse, no feedback to keyboard, however clean shutdown of X from
within external ssh sesssion).

I think I must have messed something up with my base and ports.

My typical desktop setup is X + compiz-fusion + lxsession (session
mananger only, not even full lxde) + cairo-dock.

PS. In my then broken setup, plain Xorg server + twm were not
freezing. With kernel rebuild I've replaced sc with vt and things now
are running plain
 ATM. Yes it appears the issue was not repated to vt.

Thank you Jean-Sébastien and Aleksandr for taking care.


2013/12/9 Jean-Sébastien Pédron <dumbb...@freebsd.org>:
> On 09.12.2013 09:59, Markiyan Kushnir wrote:
>> I'm on rev. 259102 and hitting drm not being able to attach to fbd
>> device at X startup (X freezing).
> I believe those issues are unrelated: I have the "Failed to attach fbd
> device" because I'm using syscons, however, X.Org works perfectly well.
> From your /var/log/messages, the driver properly initialized the card
> and logged no error.
> Can you post your Xorg.0.log please?
> How do you determine that X is frozen?
> --
> Jean-Sébastien Pédron
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