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On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 7:25 PM, Matthew D. Fuller
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> Firstly, my ~/.calendar/calendar (which I'd long since forgotten even
> existed; hadn't been touched since last millennium) had lines like
> #include </usr/share/calendar/foo>
> which had worked fine previously, but now force-added the path to the
> beginning, leading to a long list of
>  38152 calendar NAMI 
> "/usr/share/calendar//usr/share/calendar/calendar.birthday"
> in the ktrace output.  It could reasonably be argued that it's
> coloring outside the lines a bit, but the manpage still speaks as
> though it should DTRT.

I just fix only this.

> But the major upshot was that it didn't find any actual files, and so
> calendar output nothing and exited without any errors or error code.
> That part, doesn't seem so much right; it should at least say

This is still a problem

> But with that tracked down and changed, it now started outputting
> stuff.  Too much stuff.  Way too much stuff, in character sets my
> xterm didn't know what to do with.  It turns out THAT was a result of
> lines in the file like
> /* #include <calendar.croatian> */
> which cpp properly did nothing with, but the built-in parsing still
> sees and processes.  That's definitely buggy...

As is this.

Eitan Adler
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