so I have a freebsd tree checked into perforce.
one particular subdirectory has been heavily modified to teh extent that it's not really hte same thing any more and I want to move it out to a separate place, and then replace it with the original contents so I can update the tree and get changes to that original directory.

I can think of two ways to do this:
# move the modified one out
p4 open
p4 move //depot/Freebsd/src1/sys/netatalk/... //depot/Freebsd/src1/sys/netmumble/...
followed by:
# bring back the original version by copying it from before changes started. p4 integrate //depot/Freebsd/src1/sys/netatalk/...@original_import //depot/Freebsd/src1/sys/netmumble/...
p4 resolve
p4 submit

Or, a second alternative: not quite sure how to do this if there are deletions and additions on the tree
#copy out the modified version.
#revert the directory in question to exactly how it was before the changes started files in netmumble should see all their history even when they were in netatalk, and files now in netatalk should see history from before the changes started,
and MAYBE from when they were modified  (optional).

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