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>> >Hmmm.  Maybe do 'show lapic' and 'show apic' in ddb and paste that here?
>> sorry about the delay...
>> db> show lapic
>> lapic ID = 2
>> version  = 1.0
>> max LVT  = 5
>> SVR      = ff (enabled)
>> TPR      = 00
>> In-service Interrupts:
>Hmm, this is empty.  It should not be empty. :(
>Never the less, the panic is further down than I thought it was.  The system 
>thinks it had a valid IRQ that required an ithread to be scheduled, but when
>it went to schedule the ithread, there was no thread to schedule:

>Does it get a crashdump if you try?

No :-(

There may be a connection to unclean UFS filesystems (SU + TRIM, no J).

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