On 2000-Apr-18 08:07:45 +1000, "Jordan K. Hubbard" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> As for the lists being tedious and long: I've sorted the content by
>> relevance, and it was my hope that over time they would shrink to
>> zero if we annoyed people enough with them.
>I think that's too much annoyance, really.  I can see most people
>simply unsubscribing from -current in the face of a mail that long and

IMHO, it's not such a bad idea.  freebsd-current _is_ the place to
report problems with -current, why can't the report be produced by a
daemon?  All the MUA's I've ever used allowed me to delete a mail
before reading all of it, so I don't see that having detailed
information (at the end) is a real issue (though it might be for
someove paying by the byte).

- I hope it has a well-defined subject so it can be easily recognized.
- I presume it's built using the default make.conf.
- It would be nice if it reported changes since the previous day (or
  successful build).  This would make it easier to see what has been
  broken recently.


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