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The xorg stack has been switched to use what has been dubbed new xorg in
CURRENT.  This means new xserver, new MESA (dri/libGL) stack and in some
cases new versions.
If you want to remain with the old stack, add WITHOUT_NEW_XORG= to
UPDATING contains instructions for updating.
To get VT switching when using KMS drivers (ATI, Intel) please use
newcons: https://wiki.freebsd.org/Newcons or if that is not possible,
force the use of the vesa driver for xorg.

Please send reports of successes, failures and/or comments to
x...@freebsd.org.  Remember to include any relevant information, such as
xorg logs (Xorg.log.0), dmesg, graphics card model and ports versions
with your report.

Please test this as much as possible!
Niclas Zeising

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