On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 6:41 PM, Aleksandr Rybalko <r...@dlink.ua> wrote:
> Hi guys!
> I've investigate problem a bit. And can say that callout initialized with
> callout_int(), w/o mpsafe flag:
> callout_init(&vw->vw_proc_dead_timer, 0);
> [sys/dev/vt/vt_core.c:1714]
> And callout_init did not set CALLOUT_RETURNUNLOCKED flag, and assign it's
> lock object to Giant, but where Giant lost on exit from callout I dunno :)
> seems some bug somewhere much deep.
> Eitan, do this 100% reproducible? If so, can you please try to replace
>   callout_init(&vw->vw_proc_dead_timer, 0);
> with
>   callout_init(&vw->vw_proc_dead_timer, CALLOUT_MPSAFE);
> at [sys/dev/vt/vt_core.c:1714] ?

I can not reproduce it, despite trying.

>From memory here is what I saw:
- X seemed frozen so I VT switched to the terminal
- this took a long time
- I plugged in a USB mouse
- instant panic

I have no idea if any of those are related (in particular, was the
mouse just a fluke?).

Eitan Adler
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