On 12/17/13 08:06, dan_partelly wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've set up wireless link aggregation on FreeBSD 10 RC1 and RC2 as
> described in the FreeBSD handbook, on an oldish Compaq nc6320 laptop. 
> What happens is:
> If I boot the system with the Ethernet cable attached, I correctly get
> lagg0 active port on master- bg0- and the network is working correctly.
> (I mainly test pinging my gateway). When I pull the cable out, lagg0
> device correctly switches to wlan0 as shown by ifconfig (wlan0 is created
> from wpi0), but at the same time I get no more ping replies from my
> gateway. I can leave the system in this state for several minutes as an
> example
> and no replies are coming through. A simple list of interfaces with
> ifconfig with no parameters brigs the network back to life, and I start to
> get back the due ping replyes, this time thrugh wireless link. 
> Please, if possible en-light me on tis problem. I sat at your disposition
> with any info you may deem necessary to get this fixed (if it needs a fix).
> Dan

I can confirm this behavior. It also happens to me.

- Nikolai Lifanov.
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