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> In any case, if anything like this is implemented, I would really prefer
> something like CMake does, e.g. give you a percentage counter that
> provides some information about how 'far' the build is progressing.

I haven't seen this for a while, because I now use ninja exclusively for 
building any projects that use CMake.  The output of Ninja is pretty close to 
my ideal for a build system, and so I'd recommend that anyone hacking on this 
look at it.  It looks something like this while building:

$ ninja
[1/22] Building CXX object 

The [1/22] part is a counter of the number of build steps done and updates in 
place.  The 'Building CXX object ...' part tells you what the current rule is 
and what it's being applied to.  This is only approximate, as it usually does 
parallel builds, but it gives you some idea of what's happening.

If a command produces warning output but exits with success, then that 
command's output is dumped to stdout (explicitly serialised by Ninja so that 
it's never interleaved with another command's output).  

If a command exits with a failure condition, then Ninja dumps the exact command 
line that was used, along with all of the output, and then stops.  Another side 
benefit is that Ninja always uses absolute paths for invoking the commands and 
for arguments, and so you can always just re-run that single failing command.

Oh, and when I do a build of LLVM/Clang on my laptop using Ninja, it takes 
about 3-5 minutes, whereas when I do it with our build system it takes about 
15.  When I do it on a 24-core server, it takes less than two minutes with 
Ninja and with ours it takes about 15 (no speedup over my laptop).  I'd 
therefore suggest that there might be more pressing things that need fixing 
with our antiquated build infrastructure than the prettiness of the output...


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