In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Peter Wemm writes
>Julian Elischer wrote:
>> I presume this means that it should remain part of the standard system
>> but that the source should be moved to /sys/i386/linux?
>> as long as it remains part of the system I don't care where it lives..
>> It's too massively important to totally drop. Having it as a port was 
>> a losing proposition.
>The biggest problem is that it re-opens a security hole that was explicitly
>patched in procfs.
>Also, the way I see it, the linux procfs should probably only be visible to
>linux sysvec processes...  It would be a damn shame to let
>/compat/linux/procfs "sneak in" to the expected system requirements for bsd
>programs so that developers can use the easy way out rather than doing
>something properly.

Fully agreement here, and that was also what the core decision said:
only visible to processed run under the linuxolator.

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