On Sat, 21 Dec 2013, Steve Kargl wrote:

On Sat, Dec 21, 2013 at 07:35:56PM +0100, d...@gmx.com wrote:
I've just installed a very recent -CURRENT, and now I'm performing a big portupgrade procedure. I get the following message spammed a lot:

pkg: PACKAGESITE in pkg.conf is deprecated. Please create a repository configuration file

Yeah, I noticed that spam along with the spam that is being
spewed to /var/log/messaage, e.g.,

Dec 21 10:27:28 laptop-kargl pkg-static: libwpg-0.2.2 installed
Dec 21 10:31:15 laptop-kargl pkg-static: libcdr-0.0.14 installed
Dec 21 10:32:35 laptop-kargl pkg-static: openjpeg-1.5.0_2 installed
Dec 21 10:38:33 laptop-kargl pkg-static: poppler-data-0.4.6 installed
Dec 21 10:39:48 laptop-kargl pkg-static: poppler-0.22.2 installed
Dec 21 10:40:32 laptop-kargl pkg-static: ilmbase-2.1.0 installed
Dec 21 10:44:28 laptop-kargl pkg-static: OpenEXR-2.1.0_1 installed
Dec 21 10:47:36 laptop-kargl pkg-static: vigra-1.9.0_4 installed
Dec 21 10:51:00 laptop-kargl pkg-static: lp_solve- installed

Can you (portmgr) please mute these messages?


This received several responses.

Greg Rivers said:

Do you really feel that strongly about it?  Having a record of changes to
the system has always seemed like a feature to me...

Baptiste Daroussin said:

this has been done and activated for reason, first for lot of companies, it is important (PCI DSS requirement for example), secondly I receive tons of request to actiavte on by default while you are the first to request it off by default

Adrian Chadd said:

The point is that some people like an audit trail. The audit trail for
some people involves remote logging of syslog messages to a log host.
This would include when packages are installed.

My thought:

Then why can't the messages about installed ports have it's own log file rather than /var/log/messages?

As for this message:

pkg: PACKAGESITE in pkg.conf is deprecated. Please create a repository configuration file

Glen Barber replied:

echo 'SYSLOG: no' >> /usr/local/etc/pkg.conf

And Shane Ambler:

now we can turn it off which I don't think we could before.

Me again:

Where is this documented?

/root # man pkg.conf
No manual entry for pkg.conf
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