The change to vfs_bio.c in revision 259200 breaks writing to scsi tape drive on 
i386 and sparc64 on current.
I don't have any other machines to test on.
here is example:

(/)4794}mt rew
(/)4795}tar cvf /dev/sa0 kernel
a kernel

(/)4781}mt rew
(/)4782}tar cvf /dev/sa0 kernel
a kerneltar: Write error

the changes between the two revisions:
line 3682 removed:

bp->b_resid = bip->bio_resid;   /* XXX: remove */

I noticed this when trying to do a dump and getting end of tape error.
tried different tape drives , different cables no change.
backed out r259200 to 259199 and everything works as before.

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