In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Alan Clegg writes:
>Out of the ether, Poul-Henning Kamp spewed forth the following bitstream:
>> >> I'd like to recommend the following patches.  Adding the option
>> >> "CLK_USE_TSC_ANYWAY" allows my laptop to use the TSC even though it
>> >> is "flakey".  This option should not be set by default.
>> >
>> >I saw the same kind of patches and my laptop has this w/o any problems
>> >for long time.
>> >I'd like to commit submitted patch 2 or 3 days later if no objections.
>> It would be nice to have some kind of understanding why the tsc is
>> better than the i8254 before we kludge it...
>Any ideas on what would be needed to go forward with that?

If the offset is systematic, maybe we should do more to calibrate
the i8254 against the RTC, say a 10 second period instead of just
one sec (can be done in the back-ground).

If it is because the bios fiddles the frequency all the time we
should maybe understand the APM bios better.

If it is because SMI interrupts "steal" time from us, then the
TSC is maybe better.

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