In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Ted Sikora writes:
: Any ideas as to the cause of the following errors in current. I have
: (2)isa non-pnp cards.. SB16(pcm) and a ne2000(ed0). The only other card
: is an AGP TNT2 video card.

I don't see any error messages here :-).  The problem is that PNPBIOS
was turned on, which is trying to assign resources to devices.
Trouble is PNP0303, PNP0a03, PNP0f13, PNP0501, PNP0700 and PNP0400
defined resources that were claimed previously by devices.  There are
bugs in PNPBIOS right now where it sorts these devices with the PNP
ISA cards.  Instead, it should sort them to the front of the list.
However, once that done, then other problems with the device
attachment system will be exposted (namely that these devices will
appear one unit too high and you'll get messages about the 0th unit
not being able to allocate them).  You can fix that in many ways, but
none of them satsifying.  Once that's fixed, you'll discover that many
of the PNP devices describe mobo devices that haven't traditionally
had device drivers.  After that, you'll be very close to being able to
boot w/o this noise :-)

People have said they are working on it.  It is a complicated mess
that's not easy to unwind.


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