> but the problem is we need to patch the re driver somehow because
> I have many motherboards where this exact nic does not work correctly.

> Sam Fourman Jr.

Misery loves company!

My new MSI Z77 MPOWER motherboard with onboard Realtek 8111E NIC is affected by 
this re(4) bug.

Ethernet is recognized, but re(4) fails to connect, and memory becomes 

Only Internet access in FreeBSD is with Hiro H50191 USB-stick wi-fi adapter, 
chipset RTL8191SU, device rsu.

Similar problems with OpenBSD and DragonFlyBSD latest releases on live USB, but 
OK with NetBSD and Linux.

Ability to run OpenBSD or DragonFlyBSD is very limited because of not being 
able to read my hard drive.

OpenBSD lacks GPT support, while DragonFlyBSD recognizes my hard-drive 
partitions but can't mount any.


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