On Tue, 18 Apr 2000, Alan Cox wrote:

> This patch introduces a new bug.  While it does guarantee that
> the assertion in vm_object_shadow isn't tripped over, it doesn't
> clear the OBJ_ONEMAPPING flag on the newly created shadow object.
> (New objects are created with OBJ_ONEMAPPING set.)  Consequently,
> we'll have two overlapping mappings to the same shadow object
> that has OBJ_ONEMAPPING set.  That's bad.

Well, it didn't blow up my computer; that's good!  It prevented the panic,
and it can't possibly be worse than my previous patch.

> The real problem is that the assertion is just plain wrong, not
> the code around it.  It needs to be corrected or removed.

As I suspected all along ;)

> Alan

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