This series is a split of the previous patch "Xen x86 DomU PVH 
support", with the aim to make the review of the code easier.

The series can also be found on my git repo:

git:// pvh_v10


PVH mode is basically a PV guest inside an HVM container, and shares
a great amount of code with PVHVM. The main difference is the way the
guest is started, PVH uses the PV start sequence, jumping directly
into the kernel entry point in long mode and with page tables set.
The main work of this patch consists in setting the environment as
similar as possible to what native FreeBSD expects, and then adding
hooks to the PV ops when necessary.

This new version of the series (v10) addresses the comments from the 
previous posted version (v9). Major changes between v9 and v10:

 * Add a identify routine to xenpv instead of attaching it manually 
   from the Xen nexus.
 * Remove bus routines from xenpci (devices are now attached to xenpv 
 * Add __printflike modifier to xc_printf.
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