> I work with Jack on FreeBSD network drivers, and we have a patch that we
> think might fix this problem. It re-implements the header pull-up code that
> was in the driver pre-2.4.0, but with IPv6 support. Alexandre, could you
> apply this patch to the igb version in HEAD and try it out on your network?
> We can't replicate your setup here.

> If it solves your problem, then the next step would be to port the patch to
> the ixgbe driver since, as Yonghyeon noted, it looks like that driver will
> encounter the same problem. We could then modify em to add IPv6 offload
> support as well.

> Thanks,
- Eric Joyner

Can I get in on network drivers, two in particular where I have the hardware 

Drivers in my case are re, which fails on my motherboard, and athn, not 
currently present in FreeBSD.

I would have NetBSD src tree to compare with, and NetBSD re driver works on my 

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