On Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 12:19:02AM +0100, Luigi Rizzo wrote:
> In porting the kernel openvswitch code to FreeBSD we
> have implemented netlink sockets, so we need to pick a
> number to use for AF_NETLINK/PF_NETLINK in the messages.
> Obviously we'd like ovs to be loadable as a module on existing
> kernels, so i wonder if there are any restrictions on what we
> can use -- specifically, whether we should make sure that
>       AF_NETLINK < AF_MAX 
> or that is irrelevant.

I asked this question a couple of month ago to Alfred (who did the reservation
stuff) exactly for AF_NETLINK which I planned to implement here is his answer:

| You want to take 38.
| The next person should take 40.
| All odds until 133 are allocated for vendors and should not be used by FreeBSD
| code.


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