I am seeing an odd problem which seems to be triggered by svn260311

I have two machines running snapshots of stable/9 from last fall
(one 255898 sep.26, the other 258126 nov.14). All is amd64

Build a recent head (260311 and newer) with gcc fails on the sep.26 machine:

        19:51:22 ===> gnu/usr.bin/cc/cc1plus (all)
        PROG CC       
        PROG CC       
        parser.o: In function `cp_parser_objc_tentative_protocol_refs_opt':
        parser.c:(.text+0x14665): undefined reference to 
        *** [cc1plus-dummy] Error code 1
        1 error

but works on the newer one.

svn 260310 builds on both.

I am a bit unclear on what is going on because the missing symbol
(cp_objc_protocol_id_list) only appears in the source file parser.c
and in a ChangeLog.apple file, so maybe it is generated and
the actual failure is at some earlier stage.

Hope this helps tracking the problem.

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