Hello Luigi;

On 17.01.2014 15:18, Luigi Rizzo wrote:
I am seeing an odd problem which seems to be triggered by svn260311

I have two machines running snapshots of stable/9 from last fall
(one 255898 sep.26, the other 258126 nov.14). All is amd64

Build a recent head (260311 and newer) with gcc fails on the sep.26 machine:

        19:51:22 ===> gnu/usr.bin/cc/cc1plus (all)
        PROG CC       
        PROG CC       
        parser.o: In function `cp_parser_objc_tentative_protocol_refs_opt':
        parser.c:(.text+0x14665): undefined reference to 
        *** [cc1plus-dummy] Error code 1
        1 error

but works on the newer one.

svn 260310 builds on both.

I am a bit unclear on what is going on because the missing symbol
(cp_objc_protocol_id_list) only appears in the source file parser.c
and in a ChangeLog.apple file, so maybe it is generated and
the actual failure is at some earlier stage.
Thanks for the report.

Of course gcc can also have bugs but it would look like you may not be doing a clean build or that some how object code from two different builds got mixed up.

JIC, the cp_obj_protocol_id_list stuff is obviously objc stuff that we don't need at all and that crept in along with other changes from Apple so I will remove it to see if it helps somehow.

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