With a kernel built Apr 18th (and also today, Apr 19th) I'm getting
panics when starting up in multiuser mode but also strange things
happen when trying to boot /kernel -s

In the latter case I was dropped into ddb after being prompted with
something like mountroot>
I'm running i4b (isdnd) and the old PCI shims (ncr), FWIW.
Also I don't know if it is now a bug or a feature: I compiled DDB into
the kernel this morning after getting the panics (which were in strcmp()
or strcpy() in the kernel, process was 'sh' in the panic log. After booting
this DDB kernel first time the kernel didn't panic apparently but it
was 'shutdown' smoothly (bufdaemon was stopped and kernel was halted).
(looked like a feature but I couldn't see any benefit since I don't know
whether it really panick'ed and if, where it did).
All in all strange things are happening at the moment. Also ftpd
tells me some module could not be loaded (auth_pam).

I was hardly able to get up . Only with heavily hitting ^C through the daemon
starup phase I got the kernel running. Maybe some daemon is the
culprit (Mysqld, squid, sshd)?

Will supply dmesg and CONFIG later - in a hurry at the moment...
Chris Christoph P. U. Kukulies [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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