On 01/22/14 11:39, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
On 01/22/14 11:31, Olivier Cochard-Labbé wrote:
Hi all,
There is a regression since 9.2 (still not fixed on 10.0) regarding a
of Kingston DataTraveler/DT USB keys
- usb/180837, regarding "Kingston DT 101 G2": This PR include a patch for
9.2 and a link to netbsd code that include other Kingston USB keys;
- usb/184014, regarding "Kingston DT 100 G2" (include tips for debugging)
- usb/185747, regarding "Kingston DT 101 G2" (duplicate PR with
usb/180837), that include a patch for 10.0;
- misc/185837, regarding "Kingston DataTraveler 2.0".

Can someone check with the netbsd code for the full list of known buggy
Kingston USB key and commit these quirks patches ?


Can you make a list of VID+PID and the minimum of quirks needed.

Many Kingston devices I've got work just fine. Maybe they are not original?


BTW: What revision of FreeBSD are you seeing this? Have you updated the kernel to the latest?


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