> Warner Losh wrote:
> > In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Poul-Henning Kamp writes:
> > : >Almost none.  I don't actually mount nfs partitions until I type mount
> > : >foo:/bar /bar.  There's no network card active at that time anyway...
> > : 
> > : But does the nfs filesystems you mount have any bdevs on them ?
> > 
> > I've not mounted any filesystems when I get the message.  I get it
> > when nfsd starts up in the boot process.
> Just a thought.. I got this message even though I thought I'd gotten rid of
> all bdevs..  It turned out there were some hidden in sub directories.  Do
> a 'find /dev -type b' to be sure... :-)
> (if not, I'll shut up :-).

I did the find, removed the bdevs in /compat/linux/dev and rebooted - 
no luck, the message is still there.

I wonder if whatever's done on 2000-06-01 will leave the emulators 
intact.  I *seem* to be able to survive without these devices...

> Cheers,
> -Peter
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